Motivational Monday #68 Choice Not Chance


Motivational Monday #68 Choice Not Chance

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”

Now I accept that random chance / fate / God (delete based on your own beliefs) can throw us a curve ball and change our destiny. Sometimes, despite our best plans, the ship hits an iceberg and equally sometimes the roulette ball lands exactly where you want it to. 

Whilst I accept that those extreme moments do occur from time to time I hold to the firm belief that what more strongly shapes our destiny is the steady stream of everyday choices that we make.

Take finances for example; let’s say you play the lottery and your number comes up. Well, congratulations; but does that extra money suddenly make you more financially astute than you were prior to winning? Very likely not and statistically the chances of that money flowing right through your hands is very high. As Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” says

“Lack of money doesn’t make you poor; poor thinking makes you poor and if you have poor thinking then more money just helps you make bigger financial mistakes.”

If instead of winning the lottery you, over a period of time, choose to learn how to manage and grow your finances on a monthly basis then your acquisition of wealth will be constant and you will be more able to capitalise on any windfalls you receive and weather any financial storms that hit.

As a work example; sales is another area where determined choice eclipses random fate when it comes to determining a person’s ultimate destiny.

Yes some big deals will drop out and equally some will be won but if you rely on that one big account that you luckily won to create a sales career for yourself then you are being foolish. As the late, great Zig Ziglar said:

“It’s easy to make a sale, it’s harder to build a sales career.”

To build a sales career requires a person to take the effort to make good choices on a daily basis which in turn creates a loyal base of repeat clients who come to rely on your services. That’s building a sales career.

Much like the point above regarding financies just because you got luck and won big doesn’t mean that you become wiser or shaped your final destiny.

And that’s really what Aristotle’s quote is all about. It’s about building the destiny you want. Yes some things will ebb and flow but you do get to define most of what happens in your life and certainly how you choice to react to that which happens.

It can be tempting to feel powerless in the face of modern life and modern business but the opposite is actually the truth. We have choices and our choices give us power.

Whether we have the conversation or not, whether we are passive or active, whether we act on our hunches or not – these are the type of choices that we have every day and the outcome of those choices strongly shape our destiny.

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Until next time, be successful!

Stephen Hart

Development Specialist,
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3 comments on “Motivational Monday #68 Choice Not Chance

  1. paulmcmenamy says:

    Like this one a lot Stephen. It’s so true. Bad choices/lack of choices usually end in tears – unless you learn and take the lesson forward. Sometimes, though, unexpected or unforeseen elements can blow you way off course so it’s never a perfect science either way.

  2. Hi Stephen a great article, some really good points. Thanks for sharing….

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